Established in 2016, our experience in the world of women’s fashion stems some eleven years before that.

Starting out in women’s fashion design, our designer first followed a path into merchandising, directing the development of ranges that hit the high street shop windows and are probably sitting in your wardrobe. 

Proudly Mancunian, we uphold uncompromising commitment to fashion-forward design made right here in Manchester. Like the motto of the Manchester bee, our ladies’ fashion brand was built on the hard work and the critically creative eyes of our team, rather than using the low-quality fabrics and unethical overseas labour so many clothing companies opt for.

Lady Flare: Fashion-Forward Design for Forward Thinking Women

Powerful women are finally being celebrated in the way we always should have. Growing from school girls into senior executives, tech troopers, managers and mentors; our potential is limitless. The wish of Lady Flare is to wake your wardrobe to this power with women’s clothing design that dares, delights, and drives eyes from the moment we walk into work, to when we are sipping on some well-earned G&T at the weekend with friends. 

We design for the working woman, the ladies who lunch, the girls who give their all, forever complimenting the life we lead or the life we long to lead someday soon.

We believe in feeling cool, confident and comfortable – without compromising on style. That’s why we created an equally elegant and easy-wearing line of ladies’ fashion which effortlessly drapes, wraps, and ties about your body for an instantly flawless finish.

What Makes Lady Flare Different in the Women’s Fashion World?

With over 10 years dedicated to the industry, Lady Flare has become home to innovative, individual, and instantly adored women’s fashion design.

We care for each of our customers. That means if you’re scrolling through the internet for a last minute party dress, we will do everything we can to get it delivered on time. If it isn’t quite right we can do a quick turnaround to make sure you’re looking amazing when it matters.

Birthday party to business meeting, boardroom to cocktail bar, we bring you sophistication, style, and more than a little bit of luxury. 

Not on the high street and with many of our designs limited edition, your chances of doing the *awkward laugh and smile at the person wearing exactly the same outfit* are almost non-existent.

Take a look at our range, individually designed for an individual you.

We are sure that we will hear from you soon, but until then, happy shopping